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HEI name Country City
University of PalermoUniversità degli studi di Palermo Italy Palermo
University of PardubiceUniverzita Pardubice Czech Republic PardubicePardubice
University of ParmaUniversità degli studi di Parma Italy Parma
University of PatrasΠανεπιστήμιο Πατρών Greece PatrasPatra
University of PaviaUniversità degli studi di Pavia Italy Pavia
University of PerugiaUniversità degli studi di Perugia Italy Perugia
University of PetrosaniUniversitatea din Petrosani Romania PetrosaniPetrosani
University of PisaUniversità degli studi di Pisa Italy Pisa
University of PlymouthUniversity of Plymouth United Kingdom
University of Porto - Faculty of SciencesUniversidade do Porto - Faculdade de Ciências Portugal OportoPorto
University of PortsmouthUniversity of Portsmouth United Kingdom PortsmouthPortsmouth
University of Professional Education Rens & RensStichting Hogeschool Rens & Rens Netherlands HilversumHilversum
University of ReadingUniversity of Reading United Kingdom ReadingReading
University of Rome 3Università degli Studi Roma TRE Italy Roma
University of RostockUniversität Rostock Germany RostockRostock
University of Salamanca (Salamanca)Universidad de Salamanca Spain Salamanca
University of Salamanca - AvilaUniversidad de Salamanca (Avila) Spain Avila
University of SalamancaUniversidad de Salamanca (Bejar) - E.T.S de Ingenieria Industrial de Béjar Spain Bejar
University of SalamancaUniversidad de Salamanca (Zamora) - Escuela Politecnica Superior de Zamora Spain Zamora
University of SalernoUniversità degli Studi di Salerno Italy FiscianoFisciano (SA)